Industrial Property
A task of this is area the Control and Guard of Trademarks and Distinctive Signs of our clients which permits us to protect its trademarks and commercial names against third parties infractions, its expiration, possible trademarks third parties requests and similar or confused names developing the necessary observations or actions conveniently.

We offer advising in Registration, Transfers and Renewal of trademarks, commercial names, patents, utility models and industrial designs in their development and interposition of Infrigment Accusations set against violation acts of third parties as well as Cancellation and Nullity actions.

Likewise, this area is responsible for the Preparation, Revision, Transfer and Clear Contracts, Revisión, Distinctive Signs Licenses, Patents, Designs and Industrial Models.

We count with competent lawyers in this matter, offering advising in the preparation and revision of Clear Contracts, Licenses, Search for antecedents, Work Registrations, Infringment Accusations, proposing strategies of defense and protection of your rights.

Carrying out legal actions against illegal copies with the administrative authorities INDECOPI and/or the Judicial Court. Experience with Collective Management Entities of Copyright and Neighbooring Rights (musical, visual, phonographic, audiovisual, interpreters).

Other matters
Distinctive Names Registration under any code of country (CCTLD) or generic code (GTLD).

Through our relations with intellectual property agents of other countries, our organization offers the possibility to protect its Distinctive Signs and other elements of Industrial Property as well as Copyright abroad offering this service in a short time and to a smaller cost.


Our organization also puts at your service Attorneys at Law with experience in Competition, Unfair Competition, Market Access, Consumer Protection and Publicity offering our clients preventive advising and representation in administrative and courts procedures in these matters.
Likewise we count with professionals specialized in Dumping, Subsidies and Safeguarding, Antidumping, Investigations and International Treaties linked with these matters as GATT and OMC.


This area is responsible for developing all types of contracts, suggesting our clients the most convenient contractual figures for its interests. Likewise, we offer advising in the set up of businesses, branches, societies re-organization, amendment, transformation, fusion or split up of both, foreign and local businesses working together with the Accounting Department regarding balances, audits, and so on providing our clients the appropriate information.

Also it corresponds to this area the services of Search, Name Reserves, Titles Studies, Corrections and general procedures presented to Public Registrations.
Advising in themes linked with the Health Department (Sanitary Registrations) and the Energy and Mines Department.


Two of ours members are Litigants with prior work experience in Substantive and Crime law representing our clients in the Judicial and Constitutional Courts in penal and civil processes (intellectual property, business, tax and economic crimes), commercial, constitutional and arbitration.


We offer advising in themes relating to tax imposition as well as relating to its effects in the transactions and operations that carry out our clients working in team with professionals of the Accounting Area and External Advisors in the matter. Legal representation in processes in the Tax Administration and the Judicial Court.


The relation between culture and law is very old but recently has recently begun to be analyzed from a global perspective, and this is exactly the task of the Culture Law : to contribute a global comprehension of this relation between law and culture.

In this sense our organization puts at the disposal of private and public companies professionals with academic formation and work experience in themes related to Culture International Treaties, Constitution and Cultural Laws, Cultural Patrimony Statutes, Movies Statutes, Audiovisuals and Communication, Labor Statutes and Artist Social Protection, Culture Penal Protection, Administration Statutes and Culture Public Prosecutor.

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